Group Exhibition of Figurative Sculptures at Iranshahr Art Gallery

The 3rd “Figurative Sculpture Exhibition” is a joint project between the Association of Iranian Sculptors and Iranshahr Art Gallery. Being founded in 1998, The Association of Iranian Sculptors regularly holds various group exhibitions with a variety of themes and goals, including the “Contemporary Iranian Sculpture Biennial”, the “Small Sculptures Exhibition”, the “Sculpture Expo”, etc. The “Iranian Figurative Sculpture” event is designed to provide an opportunity for the figurative tendency in the field of Iranian contemporary sculpture and seeks to focus on those contemporary figurative experiences that stand out from other undertakings in the field, such as urban sculptures and municipal commissions. Earlier periods of this event have been held at the Iranian Artists’ Forum (2013) and Shirin Art Gallery (2012).

Hossein Azadi, 2020, Untitled, Bronze, 30x30x26

The third round of the event takes place at Iranshahr Art Gallery, demonstrating various artistic media and approaches, with a focus on the notion of figuration. In the manifest of the event, written by Negar Naderipour, we read: “Since the only possibility and form of ‘being in the world’ is the body in which we live, the concept of both ‘being’ and ‘us’ is shaped by the mode of our being, our lived experience, and whatever we go through. Due to its ontological potentials, the medium of sculpture has always been intertwined with the concept of the body. The evolution of figurative art throughout history reflects human being’s vision of the concept of self, and have been deeply rooted in the beliefs of every age.”

Farhad Rezaei, Untitled, 2019, Mixed Media, 300x100x100 cm

The theme “illness”, as the conceptual motif for the event, has been addressed in a number of works. Here, Illness, as a theme, provides a ground for investigation human existence, and through representing various viewpoints of the artists within the form of an organism, the event seeks to provide grounds for plurality and negotiation.

Performance by Challenger Group, When The Monkeys Fell in Love, 2020, 3rd Figurative Sculpture Exhibition, Iranshahr Art Gallery

Policy-making team: Helia Darabi, Negar Naderipour, Houman Salimi.

Executive Director: Amir Hossen Radaei

Selection Committee: Helia Darabi, Negar Naderipour, Mojtaba Ramzi

Participating Artists:

Armin Porfahimi, Ashena Mostafavi, Ismail Taghavi, Beniamin Tavakol, Hossein Azadi, Roozbeh Nemati-Sharif, Ziba Pashang, Sara Taghavi, Saeed Mahmoudi, Samaneh Massih, Somayyeh Dehghan, Ali Haji-Moradi, Fatemeh Alssaedi, Farokh Lagha Heydar, Farzin Hedayat-Zadeh, Farhad Rezaei, Kamran Moshkzad, The Challenger Group, Mahan Momeni, Mohammad Hossein Khatamifar, Mohammad Reza Ravendeh, Mojgan Molla-Hosseini, Nafiseh Potki, Negin Bagheri, Venoush Mirhosseini.

The Figurative Sculpture Group Exhibition holds from 10-21 January 2020 in Iranshahr Art Gallery.

Performance by Dati Alsaedi, Gray Room,2020, 3rd Figurative Sculpture Exhibition, Iranshahr Art Gallery
Saeid Mahmoudi, 2020, Limbo, The 6 Gate, Fiberglass, 130x70x70 cm, 3rd Figurative Sculpture Exhibition, Iranshahr Art Gallery
Negin Baghery, Falling Up, 2019, Brass, Edition 2/5, Dimension variable, 3rd Figurative Sculpture Exhibition, Iranshahr Art Gallery