A Breeze from Norway: Zadian’s New Series of Paintings

Iranshahr Art Gallery holds a second solo exhibition by Davood Zandian, Iranian-Norwegian contemporary painter. This show features a large installation of twelve bookshelves, together with a number of his well-known, symbolic paintings. The new series depicts Zandian’s artistic skill as well as his preoccupation with historical themes, archiving, collecting and commemorating memories. The installation is part of a larger, ongoing project which is to be shown in different venues. The series alludes, with a regretful accent, to the fact of fading of books in today’s life and the digitization of culture

Davood Zandian’s painting style is in step with a global mode of contemporary painting: expressiveness in design and colour, narrative attitude, a rejection of traditional standards of composition and design, juxtaposition of various picture planes and perspectives, and a refusal of idealizing the image. These are maintained through various styles and methods he experienced throughout his career, including a background in examining coffee-house painting, Safavid miniature, Russian realist painting, Odd Nerdrum’s apocalyptic scenes, and the artist’s experience of filmmaking.

Zandian’s figurative, highly expressive paintings were first exhibited in the Iranshahr Gallery in January 2019; when they received considerable attention from the Iranian art community. Parts of the series “Cafe Golshan”, “The Photography-House of Mr. Adib” and “Nostalgia” showcased people from the past in various locations, generally addressing the viewers and among objects and backgrounds which narrated about their identity and memories.

Davood Zandian learned painting as early as the age of ten, with coffee-house traditional painting masters. He turned it into his main profession in the following years and, by the end of the 1970s, had become proficient in various genres including traditional Iranian religious painting. His enthusiasm for experimentations in the field of image-making led him to a few cinematic experiences as well. He immigrated to Norway in 1986, but the subject of his paintings in recent years has remained largely related to Iran. Zandian has been a professional, ceaseless painter for many years, and today, her remarkable ability I painterly expression effectively influences his audience.

Davood Zandian is a member of The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists (NBK), and the National Association of Norwegian Painters (LNM).

The exhibition continues from 31st January to 24th February 2020.