Iranshahr Contemporary Art Gallery was inaugurated in spring 2016 in a dynamic space measured 360 square meters located in an active area downtown Tehran. Before the establishment of this space, the initiative has been operating as "Art Lounge Projects" since 2009, hosting a number of artistic events, including artist book launch, performance, and group exhibitions. Bringing art to the heart of peoples’ everyday life in the city has always been a major goal of this group.

Discovering new talents in contemporary art, promoting mid-carrier artists associated with the gallery, and organizing retrospective exhibitions by established artists are among our strategies. Along with routine exhibitions, we organize artist's book launch ceremonies, panel talks, performances and various events.

Iranshahr Gallery is not limited to its walls. We perform various activities in the framework of national and international projects. One project associated with Iranshahr Gallery is "Surface"; a unique public platform in which, for the first time in Iran, a group of visual artists are gathered to stay and work in a multi-featured residence, in active and dynamic interaction with the public.

Iranshahr Gallery benefits from the collaboration of a team of researchers, critics and curators in the field of Iranian visual arts. These experts help the gallery in providing consultation to artists and preparing reviews, critique and written materials to enhance the artistic and theoretical quality of the shows. In this regard, we welcome suggestions and collaborations with curators, critics, and art professionals.


Iranshahr’s mission is not confined to exhibiting and marketing the artworks. We intend to provide constant support for the artists, give opportunities to new voices and young talents, and form strong links with a vast network of active visual artists, art critics and curators.

In order to better support and promote our young artists, in addition to ongoing consultations, we provide them with the opportunity to present their works in exhibitions supervised by curators. This guarantees the quality of the show, while actively engaging a new generation of curators and art critics in each exhibition.

Alongside ongoing exhibitions of the artists of the gallery, we constantly organize retrospectives of works by established artists to introduce their artistic trajectory, reveal aspects of their work that has gone unnoticed, and allow for encounters with their decades-old body of work. Our mission also includes finding new talents and enabling fresh tones and approaches in various artistic fields. Thus, our experts are always eager to consider works by newly arrived artists and to visit their studios.

The gallery’s policy towards marketing involves collaborations and interactions with a vast range of collectors and art-lovers with various tastes and budgets. Nevertheless, we give particular attention to encouraging and advancing a generation of young collectors, providing them with essential advice and support.

Consideration for the theoretical aspects of the exhibitions, producing literature on visual arts, and developing the field of art research are some of our other objectives. Given the importance of art statements and critical reviews on each exhibition, Iranshahr avails itself of a wide range of contributions by critics, writers, and art experts.