University of Art Sculpture Graduate Show


University of Art, Tehran

First Annual Sculpture Graduate Show 2016-17


It is now two decades since the sculpture discipline is inaugurated in the Art University of Tehran. A brief view of the works by the new graduates has been displayed in Iranshahr Gallery. Each group of works is an individual project completed as a graduate thesis project. The diversity of this show demonstrates levels of freedom and autonomy in the educational procedure. We can see a wide range of experiences in the domain of contemporary art, from conventional sculpture practice to installations, performances, and mixed media projects, all with an emphasis on intrinsic qualities of sculpture as a media.

The artistic themes include personal, social, environmental, local, and historical subjects based on material genesis. In selecting the works, Iranshahr Art Gallery seeks to display the variety of tendencies and artistic experiences of this generation. We are planning to assist in holding annual graduate shows to provide a choice of dialogues and introduce new generations of artists.


Ahmad Arab Beygi, Arsam Aramideh, Fahima Fahim, Dorsa Jalali, Mahsa Khoskesht, Sahin Mansour, Niloufar Nazari, Sam Nikmaram, Yousof Sadeghi, Seyed Ali SeyedAlikhani, Mohammad Shahabi, Amin Tavakol