Dandelion / Maryam Salour


I went to the studio to continue work. On my canvas lay a dandelion. Seeing it brought Me a sense of joy and play. A wide field opened before my eyes. It was as if the canvas Had turned into soil for the flower to grow.

I have worked with soil for years. My hands have run roots in it, to the point that all my Works _ ceramic, sculpture, canvas _ are of the earth. The dandelion flower of our painting sat on the surface _ both that of the yet-to-see-color canvas and the layer parched and dry earth.

The flower was just a guest, but it slowly found its place in the field and became native. “_Dandelion_” is now the title of these series of paintings, but only in name. in fact, the canvas is the stage on which the flower, slowly, quietly, appears and takes the lead role _ placidly, playfully, abidingly, and weightlessly _ and stills time.

The dandelion flower whirls and dances in infinite space, bringing breath to the canvas. It playfully joins heaven and earth. With a mist of rain, arid soil sprouts, and the dandelion Stem sends off whirling flowers. So, perhaps, the subject of these paintings is that which connects heaven and earth.

Suspended in a mysterious space that it engendered, the dandelion sprouts out of the soil and moves on with delicacy, on the wings of memories, messages, and dreams, leaving nothing behind but innocence and transparency, and of course, the earth, which is the memory of the world.


Maryam Salour – Sohrab Mahdavi