Paintings/ Bahram Ghonchehpour


Eternal Bulks

We have left behind these structures, as if each has been abandoned in a desolate oasis and we are observing their destruction and decay. Yet their eternal dominance and power can still be felt in our lives. Rather than simply being historic heritage, these structures are bulks of metaphysical forces. Thus, they are neither mediators of the sacred nor signs referring to mythological grandeur. They are singly the metaphysical forces. They are neither an image nor an enunciation of something else, but what they express. Heidegger clarifies this point about the statues of a temple: “These statues are not merely images that help imagining the face of the temple’s God; they are bulks which grant the God the possibility of presence and being. Therefore, these statues are the temple’s God himself.”

(Translated by Parisa Hakim Javadi)