3rd Figurative Sculpture Exhibition



“Body” is our mode of being in the world, a spatio-temporal being. As the point zero of our orientation and viewpoint toward the world, the body constitutes its own existence while at once being constituted by it. There are historical connections and essential associations between art (particularly sculpture) and the body and figurative representation.

“Illness” is the theme of the third “figurative” exhibition held by the Association of Iranian Sculptors. Today, the absence of illness is not equivalent to health. Rather, according to the universal definition, health is the state of benefiting from comprehensive physical, psychological, and social welfare. This concept of health is heavily influenced by and depended upon social justice.

This group exhibition comprises of various approaches towards the figure, including a wide range of methods and styles, both within the traditional forms of sculpture-making and in the forms of performance and new media. This juxtaposition shows the diversity in the artists’ personal encounter with the issue of the body and ‘illness’, which, in this collection of artworks has been a ground for tackling the issue of “being in the present condition.”


Negar Naderipour


Translated by Parisa Hakim Javadi