Shahrouz Sadr was born in 1976 in Tehran. He is a graduate of graphic design in 2001, and since then he has been teaching sculpture and printmaking at major Tehran art universities.

Sadr uses digital technology both as a means of production and the venue for the display of his images. He draws with pen on paper; then scans the drawings into the digital environment, where he combines and paint his drawings, gives them a line of narration, or add some digital effects.

Throughout his years of artistic activity, he has studied various media such as sculpture, printmaking, painting and contemporary drawing. His acquaintance with the capabilities of each media and his technical abilities has enabled him to cross the border between media. However, the main characteristic of his work is always his unique drawing idiom, which altogether make up his inner imaginary world. Shahrouz Sadr does not follow conventional methods in creating his images. The original design comes from a pen and paper drawing. The designs are then scanned and painted in digital space and finally painted with oil on canvas. Sadr’s drawings, however, have many fans and followers in the digital space.

His work has been featured in solo exhibitions ” The Day Lost” at Shirin Gallery (2016) and “Echium Vulgar” at the Iranshahr Gallery (2019), along with many group exhibitions festivals and biennials including in Italy, France, Portugal, and South Korea. He has been a jury member in the First Iranian Printmaking Biennial (2016) and “Beyond the Wall” group exhibition in commemoration of Abbas Kiarostami (2018).