Sassan Nassiri was born in 1340 in Tehran. He began studying painting in Aydin Aghdashloo’s courses and then studied painting at Tehran University of Art (1981). In 1986 he moved to Spain to study painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid. After returning to Iran in 1991 he joined a group of artists in Project 71, one of the first post-revolutionary conceptual art projects in Iran. Nassiri lived in Toronto since 2007 and exhibited his work with Canadian landscape artists. He now lives and works in Tehran.

Sassan Nassiri’s works embrace various genres including portraiture and landscape, among which the landscape genre has been his favorite, focusing on the mountainous landscapes and plains. He often paints in nature, and his momentary light, steady color palette, and illusory tranquility are characteristic of his work. He portrays quiet, secluded landscapes that do not refer to specific geographies, minimizing the presence of humans and human elements.

Nassiri’s landscapes do not seek distinctive metaphorical or symbolic meanings, but rather picture a momentary recording of the painter’s memories and communicate his personal experience and memories of being in sites, thereby directly evoking our similar memories.

Sassan Nassiri’s landscapes have been shown in solo exhibitions at Galleries Golestan (1995), Etemad (2009) and Iranshahr (2019), as well as numerous group exhibitions including in the cities of Munster, Madrid, Toronto, New York, and Istanbul. He has held several group exhibitions in Toronto with the Canadian Landscape Group since 2013.