Saeed Shahlapour )Born 1944, Tehran) is an Iranian leading sculptor, painter, and printmaker. He studied sculpture in the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, where he experimented with various materials and techniques of painting and sculpture, as well as the fundamentals of architecture. During these years he was closely engaged with Ghandriz Hall, an independent and dynamic artist-run initiative which played a leading role in the artistic and intellectual atmosphere of Iranian Modern Art.

His first solo exhibition, comprising his metal sculptures, was held in 1968 in Ghandriz Hall. After the Islamic revolution, his left-wing political activities lead to a 6-years imprisonment. A few months after his release he held his second solo exhibition including figurative paintings (1988). In 1989 he moved to Kelardasht, a green mountainous rural region in northern Iran, where he established an equipped studio in which he has been continuously working ever since.

Shahlapour’s sculptures generally oscillate between figuration and abstraction; thereby having an open-ended and undetermined quality. Shahlapour understands well the capacities of various materials such as wood and metal and draws on the energetic rhythm of form in the space. Direct engagement with materials, an unmediated intervention of the artist’s body, and the presence of physical action in the work are some of the components of his artistic work. He considers art to be the spirit of the artist’s time and has always believed in socio-political content in his work.

Saeed Shahlapour has been teaching extensively since the early 1970s, in various fields of art, especially sculpture, and has trained numerous students. His educational activities include teaching at the Center for the Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents (1970), teaching art history at the Tehran Academy of Fine Arts (1971-1980); Teaching sculpture at the Academy of Decorative Arts in Tehran (1950s); and Sculpture Courses at Art University, Tehran (2005-2015). He also played an important role in the quantitative development of sculpture by launching and participating in various public sculpture projects.

Some of Saeed Shahlapour’s professional activities include: Secretary general, Executor and Member of the Jury of the Fourth Tehran Sculpture Biennial in (2005); Jury member, the 5th Tehran Sculpture Biennial; Member of the Policy Council of Tehran Sculpture Symposium (2nd to 7th ); Jury member,  2nd, 4th and 9th  symposiums in Tehran; Consultant, jury and member of the sculpture council of Tehran Beautification Organization since 2005; Member of the Policy Council and Jury of the Tehran Urban Sculpture Biennial; Member of the Policy Council and Jury of the First Kish Sculpture Symposium; Invited artist in sculpture symposiums in Kerman, Isfahan, and Mashhad.