Saeed Khavarnejad, born in Tehran in 1983, is a multimedia artist who lives and works in Italy and France. His activity as a musician (composer and arranger) is combined with his abstract large-scale paintings which generally are displayed together in installations. Khavarnejad is a graduate of Graphic Design (2007) from Tehran, Single Course of Concept Design Master, Design University of Florence (2011) and Graphic Arts (Sound Design) (2012) from the Florence Academy of Fine Arts.

Saeed Khavarnejad’s installations often traverse the boundary between various artistic media and engage the viewers, with all their biological features or shortages, with the totality of the work. In his multimedia performances, the viewer is often surrounded by visual effects and sounds and experiences a unique atmosphere with all their senses.

Khavarnejad started his artistic activity in 2000. He has participated in group exhibitions and events including the 6th and 7th International Biennial of Painting at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. He has held solo exhibitions in Abadan Museum of Contemporary Art, Iran, Studio D’Onofrio in Italy and Ghetto Gallery in Croatia.

He is the Art Director and Founder of Square Line Contemporary Arts Association in Iran, Italy, France, and USA (2012) and Art Manager and Organizer of Contemporist 3000 Competition in Italy, Croatia, and Iran. Other activities include collaboration with AIAP: Italian Association of Visual Communication, Milan, Collaboration as Art Curator with Exibar, Italy and Klismo Design Architectural Office, Florence.