Nikzad Arabshahi was born in 1981 in Tehran-Iran, educated and experienced in architecture. Nikzad is self-educated in the fields of painting and photography. Nikzad started his professional career in 2000 with painting, drawing, and photography.

Nikzad started his professional career with authoring a collection called “Corpses” which was a visual translation of the effects of organic shapes on his imagination. In his paintings, his focus has been on motivating the inner feelings of the audience, and to reach this end he has made good use of his pencil-on-paper technique and visual language. On his path, Nikzad was attracted to the limitless world of mind and imagination and its use in creating images. He realised that the closest subjects to his mind are psychoanalysis and philosophy. He attempted to have a deeper understanding of the fluidity of the human mind through the study of theories of psychoanalytic.

Solo exhibitions, Awards:

  • Performance Neurosis, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • Chlordiazepoxide”, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • Without Border 3”, Iranian Artists Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • CROSSING BORDERS – FROM VIRTUAL TO REAL”, Cultureinside Gallery, Luxembourg
  • 2nd Persbook Winners, Beyond Borders, Esfehan Museum of Contemporary Art, Isfahan, Iran
  • Changes, Abbaye de Neumunster, Luxemburg
  • Spaceless, 1st Persbook Winners, Siin Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • winner of CULTUREINSIDE International Art Competition Changes, Luxemburg  2010. winner in Painting Category of Iranian Contemporary Art contest Persbook
  • Neodrawing, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • winner of Iranian Contemporary Art contest “Persbook”
  • Psychological Analyses of Iran’s Drawing, shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran
  • Tamasha, Imama Ali Museum, Tehran, Iran
  • Synchronicity, Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • Drawing, Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • Drawing, House of Drawing, Tehran, Iran