Morteza Khosravi is born in 1987 in Bojnourd. He was graduated in painting from Marlik Noshahr University (2012).

Khosravi’s main concern revolves around the medium of painting and its representational and expressive possibilities. His subjects range from mythological figures, portraits, and scenes from cinema to still life and plain interiors. These themes fluctuate between abstraction and figuration through the artist’s painterly, expressive approach and highly personal painting techniques. Khosravi’s mastery of the various painting techniques allowed him to freely combine, mix and select between them to enrich his visual expression.

Morteza Khosravi’s paintings have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Iran and around the world, including at Artfair Beirut (2), Tyrgan Toronto (2), and the Iran Exhibition Minus 40, the Palazzo Bastogi Museum, Florence (1977). He has had numerous solo shows in Iranian galleries (Galleries Mirmirn, Golestan, Iranshahr) and Beirut ArtLab Gallery. He is an honorary member of the Institute of Visual Arts Development since 2010.