Maryam Salour (born 1954, Tehran) is an Iranian sculptor, ceramist and painter. After receiving high school diploma in Tehran, Iran, Salour moved to London to study computer science (1974–75). She continued her education in the field of computer science in Ecole Superieure des Informatiques, Paris, France (graduated in 1980). During the period of 1984–80 she worked at Khayat Publishing in Paris as calligrapher, line art designer and workshop supervisor. In 1986 she attended the courses of Ceramic Studies at Academy de Savigny in Paris.
She is one the first artists who made modern pottery sculptures which has led to painting in continuity of work with various materials. Her paintings are made by sculpture’s materials which fade the boarders between these two media in his works.
She held about 23 solo exhibitions in Iran, United States, Switzerland and United Kingdom and has taken part in 24 group exhibitions in Iran, UAE, Germany, France, US and Venezuela. She has been the director of the 8th Iranian National Biennial of Ceramic Arts in Tehran (2006).