Jaleh Talebpour is born in Babol, northern Iran (1980). She is graduated in painting from the University of Art, Tehran. Her figurative paintings employ a variety of painting techniques, displaying the artist’s expressive power in depicting the feelings and moods of individuals in elusive, timeless spaces.

Her themes are mainly associated with historical references, art history, and allusions to collective memories. Her technical mastery and innovation considerably contribute to the themes. Personal alongside historical references make her art a highly individual endeavor. In all these artworks, the artist aspires to keep memories alive: The shadows of the people who only remain in memories, a nostalgic pleasant sensation of watching the historical images, with great undeniable details in every single lot.

Talebpour has held solo exhibitions in Seyhoon Art gallery, Etemad Gallery, Tehran (2013), Capital Art, London (2017), Sankt Gallen Gallery, Switzerland (2018), Saint Pierre cathedral, Poitier, France (2017) and Iranshahr Gallery (2017&2019).

In September 2018 she was invited by the curator François Diot for a 3-months artist-residency in Poitier, France, where she created and exhibited a series of paintings inspired by the medieval cathedral reliefs, in synthesis with Persian Achaemenid motifs.