Hosseinali Zabehi

Hossein Ali Zabehi was born in 1945, in Tehran, Iran. He graduated with a degree in painting from Faculty of Fine Art at Tehran University of Art, Tehran in 1968 under the supervision of Mohammad Ebrahim Jafari. He traveled to Paris in 1971 to start painting courses under supervision of Pierre Matthey at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, where he was graduated in a Master’s degree in 1975. After returning to Iran, he started teaching in the University of Art, Tehran, Azad University, Tehran, and some other institutes.


Transposition Gallery, Paris (February 1975)

Solanj Gallery, Paris (June 1977)

Individual house, Iran, Tehran (November 1986)

Khaneye aftab, Iran, Tehran (November 1987)

Khaneye aftab, Iran, Tehran (November 1988)

Khaneye aftab, Iran, Tehran (November 1992)

Bahman community center (Review of his work), Iran, Tehran (November 1995)

Barg Gallery, Iran, Tehran (December 1995)

Barg Gallery, Iran, Tehran (November 1999)

Barg Gallery, Iran, Tehran (November 2001)

Haft samara Gallery, (Review of his work) (November 2005)

Baran Gallery (December 2007)

Hoor Gallery (May 2009)

Hoor Gallery (May 2010)

Hoor Gallery (May 2011)

Hoor Gallery (May 2012)

Hoor Gallery (May 2013)

Hoor Gallery (May 2014)

Haft samara Gallery (June 2014)

Hoor Gallery (May 2015)

Hoor Gallery (May 2016)

Iranshahr Gallery, 2016