Homayoun Salimi, Iranian painter, printmaker and academic, was born in 1948 in Tehran. He received his earliest art education at the Mirak Tabrizi Conservatory and later traveled to France to further his studies. In 1978 he got a Diploma of Higher Education with Rocheron Prise, at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and in 1982 he was graduated in a Master’s degree of Aesthetics and Sciences of Art from the Sorbonne. In 1990, he finished a Ph.D. program also in Aesthetics and Sciences of Art, in Sorbonne University. For his Doctorate thesis, he compared photographs of Iranian monuments and structures.

Salimi is one of the foremost exponents of the geometric abstract style in Iran. His personal technique includes numerous painting layers eroded away to bring up highly complex, spectacular abstract patterns.

Homayoun Salimi’s artworks have been exhibited in more than 30 solo exhibitions in Iran and Europe and more than100 group exhibitions and biennials, which has brought him numerous international awards.

He is a faculty member in Painting Department in the University of Art, Tehran, and has an extensive teaching background in other Iranian art Universities such as Alzahra University and Azad University of Art and Architecture. Salimi Has been among jury member of a number of painting Biennials and major events, including the Fadjr Festival of Visual Arts, Iran.

His artworks are kept in the collection of institutions such as The National Library, Paris; The Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tehran; Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo; Museum of “funf kontinente”, Munich; The Museum of Contemporary Arts, Abadan, Iran, & …

In addition to painting and printmaking, he has also created Bonsai Miniature Shrubs.  Flowers, are the inspiring motifs in his works, the texture & the colorful region reminds of Persian musical rhythm in Persian structures.

In Salimi’s personal technique, the color is applied on the color, layered, and then erased. In this wear, the hidden identity of color is revealed. In his unique media, he sanding or rubbing with sandpaper the different layers of colors to reveals what we call painting.


Teaching Experiences:
Tehran University, Tehran
Al-Zahra University, Tehran
Art University, Tehran
Azad University, Tehran
Azad University, Isfahan
Pardis Art & Architecture Faculty, Art University, Isfahan
Soureh Higher Education Institute, Tehran
Faculty of Art & Architecture, Yazd University, Yazd
Member of the Faculty of the Art University, Tehran

Solo Exhibitions:
1981, Galerie Salon Permanent, Paris
1982, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
1983, Galerie Salon Permanent, Paris
1984, Galerie du Haut, Pave, Paris
1984, VVF Le Normont, Dourdan, France
1985, Niavaran Cultural Center ,Tehran
1986, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
1988, Galerie du Haut, Pave, Paris
1990, Sigma Gallery, Vaxjo, Sweden
1991, Golestan Gallery, Tehran
1984, Golestan Gallery, Tehran
1995, Barg Gallery, Tehran
1999, Barg Gallery, Tehran
2001, Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran
2002, Galerie du Haut, Pave, Paris
2003, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
2004, Aria Gallery, Tehran
2004, Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran

2018 Iranshahr Art gallery, Tehran

Group Exhibitions:
1977, Centre Daviel, Paris
1978, “Presence du Dessin”, ENSBA, Paris
1980-84, Jardin des Arts, St. Germain-en-Laye, France (Prix de la ville de St. Germain, 1984)
1980, Galerie Maison des Beaux-Arts, Paris
1981-83, FIAP, Paris
1982-93-84-86-89-90, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
1983-84, Niavaran Cultural Center ,Tehran
1984-85, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran
1982-84-85, Print of the Rhine, Strasbourg
1986, International Asian-European Art Biennale, Ankara
1987, “Clos de la Fontaine” Gallery, Paris
1987, “Ours” Gallery, Bourges, France
1987, “Arts of Today” International Exhibition, Budapest
1987, Municipal Museum of Ferrol, Spain
1987, Drawings in the Municipal Museum of Ferrol, Spain
1988, Florence Foundation, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
1990, “Arts of Today” International Exhibition, Budapest
1991, Galerie Aike Aricchi, Paris
1992, First National Biennale, Tehran
1992, La Hune Gallery, Paris
1993, Novin Gallery, Isfahan
1993, Barg Gallery, Isfahan
1993, Iranian Arts Gallery, Isfahan
1993, Second National Biennale, Tehran
1993, F. A. Gorgani Hall, Gorgan
1993, Khavaran Cultural Center, Tehran
1993, Ershad Gallery, Zanjan
1994, Third National Biennale, Tehran
1994, Cultural Development Seminar, Faculty of Social Sciences, Tehran
1994, Aria Gallery, Tehran
1994, Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran
1995, Aria Gallery, Tehran
1995, Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran
1996, Barg Gallery, Tehran
1996, Classi Gallery & Kosar Gallery, Isfahan
1996, Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran
1997, Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Laleh Gallery, Tehran
1997, Contemporary Design Exhibition, Barg Gallery, Tehran
1997, Contemporary Arts Museum, Isfahan
1998, Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran
1998, Nil Gallery, Tehran
1999, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran
1999, Contemporary Design Exhibition, Barg Gallery, Tehran
2000, 5th National Biennale, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran
2000, First Painting World of Islam Biennale, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran
2000, Asar Gallery, Tehran
2000, Conversation of Civilizations, Contemporary Arts Museum, Isfahan
2001, Exhibition of University Master’s Works, Artist’s House, Yazd
2001, In the Memory of Sohrevardi, Imam International Gallery, Zanjan
2002, Barg Gallery, Tehran
2003, Artitude Gallery, Paris
2003, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
2003, Bamdad Gallery, Tehran
2004, With Hossen Ali Zabehi, Shafaq Gallery, Tehran
2004, Exhibition of University Master’s Works, Barg Gallery, Tehran

Salons: (International Annual Exhibitions)
1976, Salon des Artistes Francaise, Grand Palais, Paris
1981, Salon Comparaison, Palais des Papes, Avignon, France
1982-83-84, Salon Realites Nouvelles, Grand Palais, Paris
1982-87-89, Le Trait, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
1983-90, Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture a l’eau, Grand Palais, Paris
1991, Saga, Grand Palais, Paris

National Library, Paris
Cultural Development Center, Tehran
Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran
Contemporary Arts Museum, Abadan

Books on the Artist:
“Invitation”, 40 Young Contemporary Painters, in French, Hots Edition, Paris
“The Portraits of Iranian Painters”, by Maryam Zandi, Persian, 1995, Tehran

“Paris-Tehran” (1974-2018), the review of Homayoun salami`s artworks through his education period in Paris to his teaching course in Tehran.