Fatemeh Emdadian, Iranian contemporary sculptor is born in 1955. She is a graduate of the School of Fine Arts, Tehran and the University of Decorative Arts in Sculpture.

Fatemeh Emdadian’s sculptures are grounded on the universal, existential human issues: living among others, emotional bonds, solitude, attachments, and alienation, the burden in being born and giving birth, or being thrown into the world. However, these forms have been evolved within years inspired by the artist’s lived experience and maintain a highly personal feature. In her sculptural installations, the figures might be considered as parts of a whole composition, in close link to each other. Due to their large scale and fragmented composition, the sculptures make a multilateral connection with their environment: they stretch their parts, try to capture the surrounding atmosphere and vibrate the negative space between them.

Emdadian’s career claims a remarkable status in the Iranian post-revolutionary art, as she was among the few modern artists who tried to revive and reclaim the medium of sculpture, in the most difficult days of forbiddance and break, entirely through their individual endeavor and relying on personal resources.

Her work has been exhibited at many solo and group exhibitions and biennials, including the first Beijing International Biennale. She has been a winner in the Second and Third Biennial of Contemporary Sculptors in Iran.