Born in Tehran, (1974), Banafsheh Hemmati is a graduate of industrial design and a doctoral student in philosophy of art. She is active in the fields of interior design, fashion, and jewelry design. In recent years, she has turned into making large geometric sculptures and installations inspired by Iranian traditional geometry.

A passion for various forms of Islamic geometry was first manifested in her practice of designing jewelry based on Islamic architectural arrangements (since 2008). Later she extended this approach to large sculptural structures. She draws on various geometric motifs in the tradition of Iranian-Islamic architecture and extends the formal potential of her works by disrupting their rigid order. The structures are often multi-layered and are hang on the walls or from the ceiling.

The architectural device she has brought into the realm of visual arts is called “Girih Tilework”. In the Iranian-Islamic architecture, Girih Tiles are made from parallel geometrical forms. They represent harmony and balance. Imposing a twist on the flat structure of the Girih Tile, Hemmati actually deconstructs and extends its possibilities.

Hemmati’s sculptures have been exhibited in a solo show at Iranshahr Gallery (2018). She has participated in the exhibitions “Contemporary Iranian Art” in Malaysia (2017) and the Riacci Contemporary Jewelry in Florence (2017). She has received awards including the International Florence Art and Design Award (2017) and the International A Design Award (Design Award); she has also won the second prize in jewelry design at the 6th Fajr International Festival.