Born 1974, Tehran
Amir Mobed’s artistic practice has long been identified with large indoor and outdoor installations and environmental pieces, both temporary and permanent. His installation and environmental pieces bring about total changes in the visual qualities of our living spaces, usually by adding great numbers of reproduced pieces or ready-made objects, containing different cultural-social allusions in each case. His installations in the open public spaces were meant to touch the public and the passers-by, not just those who intentionally come to the museums and galleries to see the artworks. With 10 solo and about 30 group exhibitions, he has been a most active figure of Iranian post-revolutionary generation of artists in the field of Installation and environmental art.
In the meanwhile, he has continuously experienced various media including performance and photography, while making altered everyday objects with sharp references to his homeland’s politically critical situation. In his performances and installations, he persistently tries to maximize the involvement of the viewers.
In recent years, in step with the political awakening and enormous protests in Iran, he has turned his focus to more direct media, especially performance and body art. These works simulate and comment on the artist’s local, surrounding issues, lived experience, the series of events he has been witness to and has participated in, and the roots of which he finds deep in the past.

B.F.A, Azad University of Art and Architecture, Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibitions:
2018 Disformission, (Performance), Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018 – The Flowers of My Homeland (Installation),Iranshahr Art Gallery, Tehran
2017 – Upon Us (Performance), Iranshahr Art Gallery, Tehran
2017 – Situation(Installation), as contribution to the 7thTehran Sculpture Biennial, Thran Museum of Contemporary Art
2016 – Creation(Sculpture)Iranshahr Art Gallery, Tehran
2013 – Virus (Performance), in: Iranian Art Now, Curated by Fereshte Daftari, Cite Internatinale des Artists, Paris, France
2013 – Fraud, Azad Gallery, Tehran (Performance)
2013 – Homeland, interactive performance in Saadabad Palace, with Tehran Art-Walk, Iran-Netherland Friendship Association
2013 – Recurrence, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran (Performance)
2011 – The Field, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran(Performance)

2011 – 50% Off, Azad Gallery, Tehran (Performance)
2010 – Come Caress Me, Azad Gallery, Tehran (Performance)
2008 – Orgamblages,Hoor Gallery, Tehran (Sculpture and assemblages)
2008 – Entezart,  Azad Gallery, Tehran (Performance)
2007 – Tehran Gallery, (Art Gallery of the University of Tehran) (installation)
2006 – Laleh Art Gallery, Tehran (Installation)
2005 – Arya Gallery, Tehran (Installation)
2005 – Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris (Installation)
2003 – Laleh Art Gallery, Tehran (Sculpture)
2003 – Laleh Art Gallery, Tehran (Installation)
1995 – Kargah Honar, Tehran (Mask & sculpture)
1994 – Shahrood (Clay and ceramics pieces)

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2019 Factory 02, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 – Tehran Calling London / London Calling Tehran, March – April 2013, London Print Studio, London
2012 – Annual of Contemporary Art, Sanandaj, Kurdistan, Iran
2012 – Iranian Arts NOW, Festival of Contemporary Iranian Art in Paris
2012 – Elephant in the Dark, Devi Art Foundation, Delhi
2012 – The Opening, Siin Gallery, Tehran, curated by Zarvan Rouhbakhshan
2012 – In your Face, Group exhibition in Showstudio, London
2011 – The (Iranian) Weltanschauung, courtesy Freies Museum Berlin, Berlin (Video)
2011 – Disturbing Public Opinion, curated by Barbad Golshiri, Röda Sten, Göteborg, Sweden, (performance)
2011 – Notebooks, an exhibition of artist’s books, Azad Gallery, Tehran
2010 – Secondary Imagination, group sculpture exhibition, Farvahar Art Gallery, Tehran (interactive installation)
2010 – Obligatory Military Service, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran (performance and video)
2010 – Tehran, Private and Public, Aaran Gallery, Tehran (performance)
2010 – Iran di Verso, Black or White, an exhibition of Iranian contemporary art,Turin (installation)
2009 – Iran Inside Out, Influences of Homeland and Diaspora on the Artistic Language of 56 Contemporary Iranian Artists, Chelsea Museum, New York (installation)
2009 – L’Iran sans frontière, Almine Rech Gallery, Paris (sculpture)
2008 – Between the Window and Sight, an exhibition in memorial of Iranian poetess,Forough Farrokhzad, Arya Gallery, Tehran (sculpture)
2008 – Tiny Conceptual, an exhibition of altered objects, Azad Gallery, Tehran
2007 – Group sculpture exhibition of the winners of Tehran Sculpture Biennial (sculpture)
2006 – “Iranian Sculpture in Mexico”, Mexico City (sculpture)
2005 – Group Exhibition in Arya Art Gallery, Tehran (installation)
2005 – Iranian Garden, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (environmental piece)
2005 – Group Exhibition in Fatima Art Gallery, Tehran
2004 – 3rdIranian “New Art” Exhibition, Tehran (environmental piece)
2004 – Doha Art biennial, Doha
2004 – For Bam, group exhibition in memory of people killed in Bam’s earthquake
2003 – “Spiritual Vision”, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art  (environmental piece)
2003 – Group Exhibition of Cultural Heritage, Jahan Nama Art Gallery, Tehran (sculpture)
2003 – Group Exhibition in Laleh Art Gallery, Tehran
2002 – 2ndIranian “New Art” Exhibition, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (environmental piece)
2001 – Group Exhibition in Arya Art gallery, Tehran
2001 – Third Biennial of Sculpture, Tehran
1999 – Second Biennial of Sculpture, Tehran
1997 – First Biennial of Sculpture, Tehran
1996 – Annual Exhibition of Pottery and ceramics, Tehran
1995 – Festival of Visual Arts of Iranian Youth, Yazd
1994 – Festival of Visual Arts of Iranian Youth, Kerman
1993 – Group Exhibition in Shahrood
1993 – Festival of Visual Arts of Iranian Youth, Isfahan

Public Projects:

2012 – Angles, permanent installation,  Hakim Highway, Tehran
2009 – Collaborating in Relief Decoration of Milad Tower Penthouse, Tehran
2006 – Permanent installation in Imam Ali Museum of Religious Arts, Tehran
2005 – Permanent sculpture in Sculpture Park, Hashtgerd, Iran
2000 – Permanent installation in Bahman Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran

Teaching Activities:
2005-2013 – Sculpture courses in Kargah Honar , Charsoo Institute and private art studio, Tehran, Iran

2010 – Three Generations of Iranian Sculpture, Farvahar Gallery, Tehran
2010 – Seeds of Baobab II, an exhibition of works by young Iranian sculptors, Laleh Gallery, Tehran
2009 – Seeds of Baobab, an exhibition of works by young Iranian sculptors, Aaran Gallery, Tehran

2001- Third prize of Tehran’s Third Biennial of Sculpture
1993, 1994, 1995- First prize of three successive Festivals of Iranian Young Visual Artists

2003- Residency in the Cité International des Arts, Paris, awarded by the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tehran

Association of Iranian Sculptors
Institute for Promotion of Visual Arts
Iranian Theatre Forum